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BO4 - Hidden objects not behaving as expected


Using bo4 and tried following on test platform (unx universe)

1) Created report with objects using 5 measures and dimensions

2) renamed 3 of the measures in the universe and changed sql of them and hide them in universe

3) Expected existing report to still have these objects with new names and new definitions in the sql

However, what seeing when edit the query panel, objects no longer show but when refresh sql still shows old sql and data tab shows data being returned against them

Universe doens't show them in the class - this is expected as hidden but behavior of existing report which used them not what expected

Ideally want any existing report which uses them to pick up new name of object.

Anyone see this before and how we can get report to behave as expected.

I seem to recall old xir2 reports would keep hiden objecst within them - just not allow use in future reports.

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    Posted on Jun 04, 2015 at 10:13 AM

    According to IDT help guide these are the definitions of object change state.

    Active: Object is visible in the Query Panel. This is the default state.

    Hidden: Object is valid but not available in the Query Panel (used by other objects as a hidden object).

    Deprecated: Object is hidden and not valid. One possible use for this state is when the target database field no longer exists, but you want to keep the object for possible future use.

    Once you renamed the object in IDT then edit the webi query then you will see objects name and SQL changed. Sometimes these changes are not reflected in the webi report which I also seen due to cache.

    To avoid this close the existing rich client session and open again the session. Or change the data source to existing universe again and changes will reflect.

    Once you changed the state to hidden then users cannot see the objects in the webi query panel. These changes will reflect only when at least once you edit the webi query.. If some variables are based on the hidden object then these variables not worked.

    I have tested with below steps.

    Created one webi report.

    Hide the object which is used in the webi report.

    Open again the webi report and click refresh. Got some error.

    Click on the edit query and seen the object is not in the query.

    Again refreshed the report and report worked.

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