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Jun 03, 2015 at 10:03 AM

How to compare rows in a report



Is is possible to do something like follows with Webi? I do not know if I have equally to update the universe...

Id fname lname add city
state zip 1 ABC test 1 123 st York FL 21025 2 ABC test 2 123 st Penn

FL 21025

Given the above scenario, is it possible to compare items row by row and column by column and display only the things that have changed. For example

lname changed from 'test 1' to 'test 2', city changed from 'York' to 'Penn'.

Display a label 'lname changed from 'test 1' to 'test 2' on lname field, display a label 'city changed from 'York' to 'Penn'.

Can this be done ?

Many thanks in advance for your help