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Jun 03, 2015 at 07:40 AM

displaying multiple values for material idoc for batch program


Hi Experts,

My requirement is to generate idoc for material data using master_idoc_distribute function module in my program. I am done with the program and now program able to generate idocs successfully. Issue is for a material if more than one language is maintained, how we can achieve that through program ? My program is taking only first value which is coming. if they maintained in multiple languages how to display all those in my Idoc ?

language and descriptions are in E1MAKTM segment which is standard. we can't add fields SPRAS1, SAPRAS2 or MAKTX1, achieve this. is it need to go with custom segments with the same fields ? same issue with Alternative part number also.

if we go with custom segments how many segments need to add ?

Kindly let me know how to get all these multiple values in a single idoc ?


Saida Reddy.