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Jun 02, 2015 at 08:00 PM

calculate difference dynamically and average in runtime in SAP BCP 10.0


Hi experts!

I really need your help.

I'm working with SAP BPC 10.0. I don't have experience with this tool.

I need your expertise to solve two problems.

First problem.

I have a CFM_SEC_ID dimension, but what I really need to display is a property of this on the report.

I highlighted in the image.

Can I display this values and don't display the ID on the report?
I suppose it's possible, but I can not find the necessary formula EPM.

Second problem.
I need to calculate the average between two days. One of them, I have it on dimensions property (I highlighted in the image with internal format of date in SAP). The another day, it's dynamically calculated when the report is executed.

For example, for the product's type "S10" with the two first records. If the report was executed on 31.05.2015, then I would have to calculate:

Property Date of
exectution differente
between two day 16-08-2020 31-05-2015 1904 01-09-2017 31-05-2015 824 AVERGAGE of S10 1364

Is this possible with out script logic?


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