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Jun 02, 2015 at 02:48 PM

Using data security profiles with Design Studio on UNX universe


Dear all,

we're building a reporting application with Design Studio 1.4 on top of a UNX universe on a MSSQL database.

It works fine, if you ignore the 5000 rows limitation and that you can not use database delegated measures.

But now, I have a really serious problem:

I've created 2 data security profiles containing row restrictions in the universe, one for Country A and another for Country B.

If I assign these profiles to users (either direct or via a group) it workes perfectly in Crystal reports or WebI.

In Design Studio, however, I can not see any data in the report at all. Error message is like "could not find any data to display. This might be due to filters or variable selection).

Anyone has tried using data security profiles with Design Studio, already?

Any ideas?

Many thanks for your support!