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Jan 31, 2017 at 04:51 PM


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Hi Experts

We have a question around PP/DS planning and the influence of an ECM ( engineering change management ). I will use ECR for "Engineering Change request" below.

We see the effect that if a material has a planned ECR, then PPDS will not plan a planned order, if this planned order cannot end anymore before the date, when ECR gets effective.

In the case of a ECR for materials with longer leadtimes the Workcentres have nothing to do just before the ECR effectivity date.

It seems that the system says: I can only receive the new version into stock after the ERC effectivity date, but the first day I can start to produce this new version is the effectivity date.

Further:Even if we try to move the planned orders in, we get errors from livecache during saveing of the manual rescheduling.

We would have expected that the system plans either the old revision level or the new revision level around the effectivity date of the ECR ( Engineering Change request ) =>So the ECR limits either the start date of the planned order or the end date, but not both.

Can someone shed some light on this? What can be done to avoid the underload of the workcenters around the effectivity date?

Best regards

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Tiago Furlanetto
Feb 01, 2017 at 10:15 PM

Hi Markus,


In the Strategy Profile used for scheduling, there is field Validity Periods of Orders:

If you set it to Do Not Consider, it will be possible for you to schedule the order outside its validity period.


Additionally, if you change the Availability Date of the order at the Product View, that is a PP action, so the system will check whether it is necessary to switch to another validity period and reexplode the order. If you execute a DS action (e.g. drag&drop at the DSPB), no reexplosion will take place and the order must be scheduled respecting its validity period.

If you wish to change the system behavior such that the first activity can start before the start of validity or such that the last activity can end after the end of the order validity this needs to be done via BAdI, as described in note 1546283 PDS-EXP: Order could not be scheduled


Please, let me know if that clears your doubt.



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Markus Hittenberger Feb 13, 2017 at 02:13 PM

Thank you, very clear !

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Former Member

Hi Markus,

Could you please inform whether changes in strategy profile has worked for you or not.

Thanks & Regards,


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