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Jun 02, 2015 at 12:37 PM

how to configure basic authentication for portal access?


hi all

we are trying to change the default FORM-based logon of the portal to BASIC Authentication. For that reason we changed the default login context (ume.login.context: ticket) as follows:

Logon Module Stack of "ticket":

EvaluateTicketLoginModule Sufficient

BasicPasswordLoginModule Required

CreateTicketLoginModule Sufficient

Then we also changed the default authentication methode (ume.login.auth_method) to BASIC.

However, after applying this changes we were able to access the nwa admin pages using basic authentication but not the portal startpage (/irj/portal). If we are calling the portal start page it still asks for a username and password using form based authentication.

Did we miss something in the configuration?

Thanks for any help