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Jun 02, 2015 at 11:24 AM

Authorization for changing Contract from Active to Inactive


Hello Everyone,

We would like to restrict authorizations in the SAP RE-FX for the deactivation of the Real Estate Contracts (transaction RECN).

Currently what happens is the Finance User Activates the RE Contract for Posting. Then, if any changes were made to the Contract by the Leasing User to change any field, the Contract automatically becomes in-Active.

The requirement is to restrict the Leasing User from making any changes on the Contract after it has been Activated for Posting.

If they require any changes, they have to ask the Finance User to deactivate the Contract for them to make the changes.

Note: We use User Statuses for Active and In-Active:

Active --> Manually changed by the Finance User

In-Active --> Automatically changed upon any Contract Change

Thanks a lot,

May 😊