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Getting wrong Original


we are creating a document in version 01. Creating a file and release the document.

Next time do we create a new version 02, with the same file attached, we update the file but keep the same filename in version 02.

Now we open the file in version 01, and it look ok.

After a while we open the file in version 02, but we get up the file as are stored in version 01.

This is not always happening, but to ofen for the users.

Any idee how to solve this?


Jimmy Wahlfors

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2 Answers

  • Jun 02, 2015 at 11:25 AM

    Hi Jimmy,

    I think following happens:

    • you create version 01, create the file and check in the file when releasing. So version 01 is stored in a content server or archive.
    • you create version 02, copying the reference to the document.
    • by updating the file, the file is fetched from the content server and stored using the SAPgui temp path.
    • I guess, you do not check in the document in version 02 and the original path to the document is equal to the SAPgui temp path.
    • If you display version 01 the document is fetched from content server and stored using original path and name (SAPgui temp path) and overwrites the updated file from version 02.
    • If you now open version 02 then the previously fetched document from version 01 is displayed (in SAPgui temp path). 



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    • Former Member


      thanks for answer,

      The document are checked in in both versions, it's not happenning always, only a few times.

      If I close the original and openit again from the DIR does it show the correct version of the original.

      //Jimmy Wahlfors

  • Jun 02, 2015 at 11:59 PM


    there a several possibilities to prevent this or that causes this error:

    - the version 01 with filename e.g. contract.doc has still a file locking by a none-SAP application, e.g. Microsoft Word ... so the copy process to local path is disturbed and you will get the "same" file contract.doc for opening the version 02

    - the user opens the file by Microsoft Word with Word function "open last file", taken from the local path, this will lock the file, too. Now an opening of version 02 will fail

    - timing: if you create a copy, there is no need to copy the file immediately, too. Version 01 and version 02 are shareing the same single file. After changing version 02 of course there are really two different files in the storage existig. If you compare the result of two users, one can work with version 02, which is the same as version 01. The second user compares the 5secs later saved file of version 02 and the get different content. Keep in mind that both work with file "Contract.doc"

    Unbelivable ... but taken from the daily business ! This can cause, if two users check documents while the have a phone call together and one follows the leader of the talk 😀

    - sometimes Word/Excel are still running in the background without a window. You will find the locking application in the taskmanager 😢

    - you can have a locking if you copy Contract.doc to local path ... but it is no local path. It is a (network) drive, which is shared by multiple users (e.g. on a terminal server). Sometimes the users are locking others while the checkout/copy

    Solution: work with a "renaming" while copy the file to the local path

    Setup in transaction DC30 within the details of your workstation application, disable option "You cannot rename temporary files".

    Then you will have files with a filename like this pattern:

    _USERNAME01.doc, _USERNAME02.doc, _USERNAME03.doc

    Each use of the display button will cause a new copy of the file.

    One hint: to prevent, that your local path will grow up or explode some day, delete the local path while booting the computer ...



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