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Jun 02, 2015 at 09:31 AM

SWN_SELSEN is selecting old notifications after we move new changes to Prod.


Hi Experts,

Urgent help required related to a prod issue:

Issue: SWN_SELSEN report selecting old notifications in Prod.

Background job is taking too much time to complete and SWN_SELSEN report is sending old notifications. Job ran for around 11 hrs and cancelled with below error:


For our new project requirement we have added only the filter values the below mentioned filters

All other config was already there in prod and running successfully since past last two years. We have added all the task required in both Delta and Full filters. We tested this change in dev and quality systems, both were working fine we had no issue. When we deploy our code to prod we noticed that some of the tasks are missing in Delta so we have added the the tasks in new transport and moved it to prod and after that we noticed Full filter had only one tasks as well other are missing so we have added all the tasks to a new transport and moved it to prod.

As per our config delta will run in every 10 mins and Full will run once I a day @7am EST. After we move our all changes(which is way before 7EST) everything was working fine. At 7 IST the got stuck for long more than 5 hrs and tried sending all old notifications.

When I check table entries I have got 587,593 entries in SWN_NOTIF table with status S/P/D

Out o which there are 478,248 entries only in S status.

So when ever the job is running its getting stuck and trying to sent 478,248 notifications.

In dev and quality we have checked there is no issue at all and we are having same config in all the systems.

Please help us to find out the issue as soon as possible and please suggest how we can deal with this much of huge prod data.


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