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Jan 24, 2006 at 01:31 PM

I canu00B4t build a DC that share only classes


Hi forum:

I want to make a Sharing Reference between two Web Dynpro DC, to share only classes of one project to another.

I make the next steps:

1) i created one DC1 project

2) i put a classes that i want to share into the folder src/packages.3) i created a new public part and included all the classes that i included in src/packages

4) there are 2 jars that i need them for compile, so i linked them in properties > Libraries and also i putting them into the lib folfer

5) i made the build of DC1 and i can´t do it, the problem is that i´m losting the references of my jar´s in properties > Libraries, and don´t appears more, and i need to put them again, but the problem continue.

what can i do ?

Can i do a par with my classes and put the property SharingAccess=true and access it from a WebDynpro ?



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