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Jun 02, 2015 at 08:34 AM

SAP* is not authorized to use transactions after Client Copy


Hi Experts,

I performed client copy in my solution manager system(SolMan 7.1 SP4 - Initial Stack) using the profile SAP_UCUS. I chose the Source Client as 000 and the Source User Client as 001 for the target client 100.

After the client copy was finished, I logged in using the user SAP* in my new client 100 (password used was the same as that of source user client 001, which makes sure that the user master data is copied) and executed the transaction SU01 to create an user. I found that the user SAP* is not authorized for the transaction and its the same for all the transactions like SCC4, SCCL, SM59, SICK etc. Also the issue is same for DDIC user.

SAP * & DDIC user has authorization to execute the same transactions in 001 client which was copied to 100.

Kindly advise why I have this authorization problem in client 100.

Thanks & Regards,