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Jun 02, 2015 at 06:56 AM

Deriving logic where null values are present


Hi all,

Need help in deriving below logic, where appropriate Group values should be derived based on 2 columns

Current data set is what I have now in the report & Target data set is what I have to achieve to apply break on Group so that Units under same Asset.No stay together to perform further calculations

Serial No & Group columns are direct mapping from data base columns. Asset.No & Unit.No are derived from same column but with different WHERE clause (created at universe layer)

Asset No = Asset.No WHERE (Serial No = Asset No)

Unit no = Asset.No WHERE [(Serial No <> Asset No) AND Group IS NULL]

Current data set:

Target Data Set:

I tried using Previous, Match etc., functions but couldn't get correct results

Env: IDT 4.0, WebI

Thanks in advance