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Jun 01, 2015 at 07:41 PM

Display of SO in MD04 in case of subcontracting scenario.


Hello ,

We have unique scenario for which I am trying to get an answer for .

Steps :

1. Our subsidiary in Japan is placing a replneishment PO on our system ( NA-North America)

2. The PO from Japan creates a SO in NA system through EDI.

3. Since the materials are supplied using a subcontracting process, the sales order in NA is created with a subcontracting item category which generates a PR.

4. PR is converted to PO

5. Customer serice add one more line item to the PO and sends it to vendor. OUt of the 2 line items, one is the original shipment which Japan requsted for and the second is the sample line item of the same material which goes through QC/QA in NA before vendor ships the same lot of the original request to Japan directly.

6. In the above scenario 2 GR's are done against the PO , out of which one is the virtual GR and second is the actual GR for the sample which comes to NA warehouse .

If I check the MD04 for that material/plant in NA plant , we see the PO with quantity ( say for example 1) , but there is no entry for sales order which causes the imbalance as per planning . For example , if MD04 shows a quantity of 1 against PO , then planning expects -1 against the sales order , os it negates .

My question is, how do we get the sales order enrty also in MD04 in the above scenario. Is there any setting in material master/configuration which does it.