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Jun 01, 2015 at 03:03 PM

LC3. currency translation in KO88



I'm facing a issue with the currency translation in KO88 for the Hard Index currency , set as Local currency 3

For instance, the LC1 is company code curr.- MXN

LC2 is group currency curr- USD ( also set as the controlling area currency)

LC3 is Hard Index Currency - EUR

At the time of expense posting on 01.05.2015

the Amount debit of the IO are 100-MXN, 7.464USD, 5.924 EUR

In Ko88 settlement

the amount credit is 100-MXN, 7.464USD but the EUR is 6.012 EUR

The LC3 is translated based on the currency forex rate maintained, whereas the LC2 is the amount same which was debited

I've checked note 201445 - Info: Currency translations in settlement

but cant find the solution there to have the LC3 translation behavior same as LC2 in the settlement posting,

Please advice