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Jun 01, 2015 at 01:22 PM

Error while activating hdbdd:


Hi folks.

I´m trying to develope a little XS app in HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit > Developement Workbench.

I created a model.hdbdd file with this content:


@Schema: '_SYS_BIC'

context mymodel {

type SString: String(60);


#COLUMN Entity fleed {

key tplnr: SString;

tplkz: SString;

fltyp: SString;



I misstyped fltyp though. Didnt´t realize until later and when I now rename it and try to save/activate the following error message pops up:

Error while activating /fleedscout/data/mymodel.hdbdd:

Modification of a CDS artifact failed because corresponding data cannot be migrated. Reason: cannot apply modifier "not null" to column "tplnr" in nonempty table "_SYS_BIC".""; you should define a default value.

Need advise. I am still a beginner.