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Jun 01, 2015 at 11:51 AM

EANCOM ORDERS96A Acknowledgements using TPM


Hi Gurus,

I have a simple inbound EDI scenario (Customer (FTP) -> PI -> (IDOC)SAP ECC).

For this, I created:

1 Receiver ediseparator (with ticked TPM configuration, ticked all Formatting boxes, unticked acks, TPMContentAccessModule added, enable.ediAckProfile added)

1 CONTRL3 sender ediseparator (CONTRL,D,3,.*,no modules)

1 ORDERS96A sender ediseparator (ORDERS,D,96A,EAN008,.*, TPMContentAccessModule added, GenericConverterModule added, tpm.enable added)

1 sender FTP for fetching the edi file

1 receiver FTP for dumping the CONTRL ack

1 receiver IDOC for posting the ORDERS IDOC

I have setup the TPM parameters already,
.There are already customer and self partners. for the customer partner, the identities, messages, edi acknowledgements and agreements are all setup already. CONTRL3 and ORDERS96A are in messages already. GLN is setup in identities already. EANCOM acknowledgement is in Required state. agreement is already setup for ORDERS96A.

everytime I trigger an edi file in the ftp server, a CONTRL ack file is sent back to the FTP. the problem is, there's no IDOC being posted in SAP ECC. but, when I set the EANCOM ack as not required, ORDER IDOCs are posted in ECC.

I'm not sure why this is the behaviour of the EDISEPARATOR. Upon checking the logs, I see that PI is looking for the sender channels for both ORDERS and CONTRL. If the ack is required, PI only searches for the CONTRL sender channel. IF the ack is not required, it searches for the ORDERS sender channel only. Is there a way that both sender channels will function?