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Jun 01, 2015 at 11:09 AM

Approve Purchase Orders - app without workflow


Dear all,

I hereby ask you for your help and suggestions.

I've implemented 2 Fiori apps: "Track Purchase Orders" and "Approve Purchase Orders".

Since the ERP Back-end is using SAP standard implementation, the "Track Purchase Orders" Fiori app is able to get all data for the purchase orders pending for release and display them correctly on Fiori.

On the "Approve Purchase Orders" Fiori app it's not possible to get any data since the standard approval workflow isn't configured/activated.

At this moment, the procedure used to release purchase orders is through standard SAP Transaction ME29N.

I'm starting to believe that the only alternative is to extend "Track Purchase Orders" Fiori app and add "Realease" option like a normal approve app...

So, is there a way to "simulate" ME29N -> "Release" option behaviour?

Does anyone know what is the possible impact if the approval workflow is activated?

Best regards,

Vicente Veiga