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Jun 01, 2015 at 10:06 AM

Inquiry on Map component BEx Query as Data


How Query Data could have been the alternate data to excel spread sheet data in the case as in the attached image file below. The Value for Y-axis has been chosen as some blank cell in excel just below one cell of the data required. But if the data source would have been BEx Query, how would have some one selected in case of the blank cells as in case Bex query data. It is just because the 'Destination' is also selected as one of the part of the blank


How would someone select the value for Y-axis if the data is query data in the same situation, if a map component is linked to a Column chart for showing Year wise Region Analysis. for details refer below image file attached




Capture.PNG (98.2 kB)
1c.PNG (93.2 kB)