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Jun 01, 2015 at 08:04 AM

Splitting Values in Webi



I want to split Column A's values to Column B's values, Column C's values, Column D's values and Column E's values by using separator "/" sign.

I could get ColumnB like below formula.

ColumnB=Substr([X Query ].[ColumnA];1;Pos([X Query ].[ColumnA];"/")-1)

Can you help me to get other values of other columns, please?

I should see the table like below.

ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD ColumnE AB/9.40/01200/KLMN AB 9.40 01200 KLMN AB/9.40/01200/RSMN AB 9.40 01200 RSMN AB/11.90/01200/RSMN AB 11.90 01200 RSMN BC/25.50/0400/TRLM BC 25.50 0400 TRML BC/25.50/0600/PRMS BC 25.50 0600 PRMS

Best Regards,