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May 30, 2015 at 08:23 PM

Hybrid Application [SMP3.0.7.0] - oData Service Deployment Issues


Dear Experts, Good Day,

I have created the oData Service(Data Source as JDBC), while deploying the service on SMP, getting the ‘Deployment cannot be completed for <<SERVICENAME>>’(Error Screen Shot 1), upon clicking on the OK button the service got created successfully in the Integration Gateway cockpit, upon enabling the service in the Integration Gateway, the appropriate service is accessible & consuming the same service in hybrid application.

The problem is, if the SMP Server got restarted, none of the earlier deployed services are accessible, even if you redeploy the service again from eclipse editor, it is getting the below error message, for more details attaching the server logs.

[Work Around] – Temporarily identified a work around for this issue, deleting the target content from the oadat service, renaming the odata service & deploy the service with the different name.

FYI… Attaching Error Screen Shot 1(Screen Shot 1)

FYI…. Attaching Eclipse Details Error Message for the above error(Screen 2)

By somehow, if the SMP server got restart then these service are not accessible, getting the following error:

FYI… Error Message while invoking the service through browser.

<error xmlns="">


<message xml:lang="en-US">Service Unavailable</message>


Also Attaching the SMP Server Logs for more details(SMP-SERVER-LOGS)

Sharing the environment details:

Server : SMP 3 SP 07


Editor :

API Toolkit for SAP 1.4.1

Eclipse IDE for JAVA EE

OData Modeler 1.4.1

Kindly Suggest.




Screen Shot 2.png (25.9 kB)
Screen Shot 1.png (14.8 kB)