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May 30, 2015 at 03:28 AM

Goods Recieved And Issue for Inspection



I need your help

Present scenario

In our organisation the present practice followed is as follows.

Once Materials are receieved in the store. GR entry is made.

Users are intimated about arriaval of goods and users are issued goods for inspection based on a issue voucher created by them(hard copy).

User inspects the material and inform the store about acceptance of the goods via mail. The same issue voucher

is updated about accepatnce of goods

Now having moved on to sap there is lack of clarity in the proceedure to be allowed.

Goods can be issued only from store only by making reservation which can be done only after user decision (i.e by quality check).

Now the parctice followed is as follows

Users are forced to give UD (usage decision) as ACCEPTED..even without inspecting the goods.

This is done so as to make a reservation for the material and there by which the goods is issued for inspection.

What i would like to know is that how this proceedure is usually handled by other organsiations, or by SAP as well

as this is a normal scenario in material management.