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May 29, 2015 at 06:58 PM

SAP Notes Hyperlinked to Internal-Only Sites


Frequently we come across blogs and documents on SCN in which the author links to an SAP Note via the internal ( server rather than the external one ( or, so only SAP employees can easily follow the link.

Now I am coming across SAP Notes with the same problem. Current case-in-point is Note 1616768, which has hyperlinks to Notes 1436329 and 195157. Unfortunately, the hyperlinks are to, so again, customers are not able to easily follow them. Of course, it's not hard to simply open up the Notes search tool and enter the numbers and navigate to them, but the text in these Notes should be corrected to use external-facing links only.

I'm not certain if I'm posting this in the correct space, so if not, please feel free to move it or let me know. However, I wasn't able to easily discover a space specifically for support of ( or SCN, yes, but not the support website).