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May 29, 2015 at 01:19 PM

Incomplete set of columns for CSV report export



I'm using SAP BO BI 4.1 Support Pack 5 REST API to export a CSV report from a universe built on MSSQL 2012 data.

Request details:

URL: http://<server>:6405/biprws/raylight/v1/documents/21792/reports/1?columnDelimiter=,

Method: GET

Accept: text/csv

Content-Type: text/csv

X-SAP-LogonToken is valid

The request with columnDelimiter=, (comma) returns only 7 from 9 columns defined in the report.

The request with columnDelimiter=; (semicolon) returns all 9 columns defined in the report.

The report was designed in with default settings and no formulas (pure drag and drop from data objects onto report pane in WEBI).

If I use WEBI -> Export Current Report As -> CSV Archive it's all good (9 columns).

Please urgently help with this as we are going live with the product soon and the business is expecting comma separated values.

Thanks in advance,