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May 29, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Named json Model binding problem in xml list to form?


hi all

i am developing an sapui5 application data comes from an oData requset i am putting my odata into a named json model and i ambinding this named model to the list in detail page

now i am having the list of attribute in detail page attribute tab

now user clicks on any attribute i want navigate to another page for editing for this what i did is

in detail.controller


here i am passing the id of selected record and in attribute.controller

var jsonmodel = sap.ui.getCore().getModel("attributeJson");


sEntityPath = "/attributes/0";

var context = {oModel: jsonmodel, sPath: sEntityPath};


for testing ia am fixing the context path as attribute/0 and setting this model to this view and in attributes view


<Label text="ListNumber"/>

<Text text="{ListNumber}"/>

<Label text="Counter"/>

<Text text="{Counter}"/>

<Label text="MaintenanceLevel"/>

<Text text="{MaintenanceLevel}"/>

<Label text="AttributeProvided"/>

<Text text="{AttributeProvided}"/>

but the adata is not displayed .

thanks in advance.