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May 29, 2015 at 08:23 AM

How to import queries into SAP MII with keep the file intact?


I'm version controlling all SAP MII files (transactions, queries, webcode) and sometimes I accidentally click on 'Save All Tabs' in the workbench. In that case the timestamps will be changed for transactions and queries even if there was not any change made to them. I can restore the transactions but not the queries. If I import queries back to the system the new timestamp value will become the timestamp of import (the import process will rewrite the 'SaveDate' attribute to the time of upload). But in that case I have to commit new changes into my git tree but there are no changes. Is it possible to import query to tell MII not to change anything in the content of file?

My second question: how to version control the changes in a transaction. Because comparing two .xml files of that format is impossible. Is this supported inside of MII Workbench?