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May 29, 2015 at 02:48 AM

Best practice: One inbound ABAP proxy channel or many...


What would be considered best-practice for scenarios where messages are sent to an ABAP system via ABAP proxy (SOAP XI30):

  1. Create a new receiver channel for each and every interface.
    This is kind of the default in iflow development unless you specifically choose to use a reference channel
    Enables you to use different user-id's to post your data into the ABAP system
    Can still change the parameters for all channels at once by using a HTTP destination to hold the logon details.
    Potential performance benefits.

  2. Create ONE receiver channel and re-use it with all interfaces that send abap proxy messages to the ABAP system.
    Could there be issues here with EOIO scenarios. What happens if an eoio message fails in the abap system - will other interfaces still be able to use that channel or is it totally blocked?
    Performance issues ?

There seems to be no guidelines around this available so would be great to hear some advice from SAP. Personally - I have always created a separate channel for each interface as to me its logically the right thing to do.... but maybe I'm wrong!