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May 28, 2015 at 04:49 PM

Trouble deploying apps to the Fiori Launchpad


I'm deploying apps that I've created with the template wizard in the WebIDE to the Fiori launchpad in a HCP trial account. Some of the applications work and some do not (the application opens but it doesn't retrieve data). They both use the same destination based on the sample Northwind service at I've discovered the problem is the URL used to retrieve the service metadata.

This is the URL that does not work (returns a 404 error).$metadata

This is the URL that does work.$metadata

Both applications run from the HCP Cockpit successfuly.

I was as consistent as is possible when deploying the application to HCP and registering it with the Fiori launchpad though there doesn't seem to be any step that would cause this difference.

What could cause this difference and is there anything I can do to edit the configuration for the app that doesn't work to fix the URL?