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May 28, 2015 at 11:48 AM

Cannot send data from IDOC to PI


Dear all,

I was using an IDOC in my PI development and it was working fine. But very recently IDOC structure was changed and it has been extended. From the moment it has been extended no data coming to PI system.

(PI Version - 7.4 single stack)


IDOC adapter monitor configuration in PIMON

I cannot assign Party / Service / Channel to new extended IDOC with new CIM Type ( highlighted ) . Though I enter on "Preload" button and select values it is not comming into Channels tab.

SM58 error : "Commit fault: ASJ.ejb.005043 (Failed in"

extended IDOC was imported to ESR and saved and activated


Message type.png (29.5 kB)
IDOC metadata.PNG (30.9 kB)