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Hyperlink vs Embedded image action


We are trying to replace hyperlinks by embedded image buttons.

We are doing this for the hyperlinks Floc and Equi on the MainMenuScreen, WorkOrderTileView on the WPF client.

These hyperlinks navigate to the details of the technical object.

We are using the same action and target object in the new embedded image cells, as there was for the hyperlink.

For the FLoc embedded image, the action is not executed, clicking on the embedded image has no effect whatsoever.

For the Equi button, the navigation to the screenset EquipmentView works, however, the properties of the work order are displayed. The definition of the screen set clearly states that an equipment object should be displayed.

We are using standard actions and screen sets here.

Has anyone experienced such behaviour before? How could we fix this?

Thanks for your replies,

Kind regards,


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2 Answers

  • May 28, 2015 at 10:47 AM

    Hi Judith,

    Following things to consider for this

    1)Check whether these actions are working as expected when its link (Floc and Equi links) and when you changed them to images they stopped working.

    2)There is enable rule for this action so check that rule.If this rule is returning you false even if you click on "Image button" it will not execute anything.

    3) If both above holds true and as expected check following once.You have not marked this field as read only as shown below.If it is checked as Read Only action will not work on this "Image button".So uncheck it to make it Non read only.

    Let us know how it goes....

    Hope this helps.



    funclrule.png (20.7 kB)
    unchk.png (7.3 kB)
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  • May 28, 2015 at 03:09 PM


    This was a platform bug long ago, and it may still exist. Embedded images were not passing the target object to the click action. What actually gets passed is whatever object the parent action was working on. Seems like what you are experiencing. To correct this, you will need to create a wrapper action that contains a sub-action to call your original action, and passes in the correct target object. You may need to use the previous (calling) screen in your wrapper to retarget the correct object. Example:

    Your embedded object is on the Test screenset. The original action is called ActionEmbed. You want to pass the "Tile property -> Currently selected Object" to the new action.

    Create a new wrapper action called ActionEmbedWrapper. The object type does not matter.

    Add a sub-action step to this new action that calls ActionEmbed.

    For the target object, retarget the original intended target: "Test screenset -> Current Detail Screen -> Tile property -> Currently selected object".

    Now the correct target will be passed to the original action and will work properly.

    Jason Latko - Senior Product Developer at SAP

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