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May 28, 2015 at 09:58 AM

unable to trigger event in jspdynpage component


hi experts,

we have a developed a portal abstract component of type jspdynpage , in the jsp page we have a button , and onClick specified a event whose name is Login, and same event is defined in the jspdynpage controller also , so when ever end user clicks on Logon button this event should be called in the jspdynpage component , but in our case it is not being called .

bellow I have attached the jsp page source code and here is the event method

public void Login(Event e) throws exception





this event is not getting triggered when im trying to click on the logon button, instead the doProcessAfterInput() method is being called ,

please help me to sort out the issue and also here we are getting another warning message like Unknown tag(hbj:content) in the jsp where ever we use hbj tags .


Govardan Raj S