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May 28, 2015 at 08:00 AM

Utility Breakup of Work Center - Operation Wise.


Hi all,

I have a Work Center, for e.g., Drilling Machine. I use this Work Center for operations like CENTERING, DRILLING, CHAMFERING & TAPPING - Multipurpose.

Due to increase in order the machine is overloaded and management plans to get an additional capacity, a Special Purpose Machine (SPM).

For this i have to show a report based on historical data from SAP which should give summarized information of Work Center utility by Operation Wise.

For e.g, if the report shows the maximum utility of the work center is in Drilling Operation, then management go for SPM - Drilling Machine by consider other dependent factors also.

How can we get such reports ?

Thanks With Regards,

Dinesh Kumar V.