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May 28, 2015 at 04:07 AM

Rounding different for LIV doesn't post into DIFF GL Account


To Expert of SAP - FI

I just want to check with you about the below error issue with MIRO posting:


Posting LIV with USD amount and tax code TX (Standard code with 6%)


I have “switched Off Tax Translation between Local and Document Currency” since tax value in MYR HAS to follow vendor invoice (0.04 MYR different from system auto convert)


Now, we can change the 0.04 MYR in GST input line. But SAP system doesn’t auto post 0.04 MYR different into DIFF account even the setting for DIFF in tcode OMR6.

That is why now user cannot post this kind of posting entry.

Please also note that tolerance limit for this rounding is 0.03 MYR

Please advise.


Image1.jpg (66.3 kB)