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May 28, 2015 at 03:53 AM

MRP stock transfer purchase requisition


Hi All

I have arequirement as below.

Plant A receving plant

Plant B issusing Plant

Order qty is 100

When there is shortge of item XXX in Plant A after running the MRP system should create a STO PR to plant B.Once the PR is created through MRP in Plant A its converted to STO .

Now if Plant B doesnt have stock , Run MRP in plant B its creates a normal PR which gets converted to PO and the stock is received from the vendor.

The PR created in Plant B is picking the qty as per the material master (MRP views) setting in Plant B.

I want to know what setting should be done so that MRP in plant B should consider the demand qty from Plant A i.e 100 nos.And PR created in plant B should have linkage wrt to PR Qty from plant A

Thanks in advance for your replies