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May 27, 2015 at 08:40 PM

Powerbuilder Continuous Integration server



We have been using Powerbuilder 11.5 on a VM as a continuous integration server using an alternative standalone unserved license without incident since 2012.

We recently purchased new 12.6 developer licenses and have a need to upgrade our build server to WinServer 2008 but can't get any kind of license to work on the new build server.

The people who set up the existing CI server are no longer with the company so no one knows how they managed to configure it with a valid license. There aren't any license servers anywhere in the company. When we run PB on the current server the help > About says that it's in grace mode, the expiration is 30 days from today, and it's a local license file.

I've read so many threads about how VM licensing is supposed to work but they're all related to developer licenses and and development work. We can't be the only ones trying to run a CI server with Powerbuilder?

Physical machines are not an option. How do we configure the license on the new CI server to work like the one on the existing CI server? Is there a command line config or some other way to configure it?