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SAP HCM P&F - Form Data before Manager approval

Dear Experts,

I am working on HCM P&F (FPM based). I need to validate a scenario as explained below:

OT form data is saved in the infotype (custom) only after manager approval. Now, employee should be restricted to create duplicate requests.

Scenario example:

(Say) An employee has requested for OT from 28.05.2015 23:00:00hrs to 29.05.2015 02:00:00hrs. (This data will not be saved unless and until the requested is approved by manager). Before manager approves this request, if employee attempts to request for OT for the same period error message should be displayed.

So, could any one please tell me if there is any standard table that stores form data.

T5ASRPROCESSES, T5ASRSCENARIOS, T5ASRSTEPS, T5ASRSTEPDETAILS these are of no help as this stores only the basic details about the process requested but not the form data.

Please suggest.



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1 Answer

  • May 27, 2015 at 01:38 PM

    There is nothing directly available. Via configuration, your options would be:

    • collision : can not have a process initiated while another is in process (like trying to start a "promotion" for someone in a "termination" process.

    • frequency : limit how often a process can be done for an employee (for example, you do not want your "bonus" process to be run for an employee more than once a quarter).

    Otherwise, in your own generic service, you would have to build in some validation during "check" for the level of detail you want....and then, you will have your hands full in "pulling" data from the OTHER process.....and keeping in mind, that the other one has not yet been approved.

    If it were me, I would only check before/after the "last" approval step before your "save to database" in your workflow. It could check actual saved data and check for conflict.....if conflict is found, you could then route to the correct person (with same/similar "check"/validation in your own generic service). Then you always know you are checking "real" data and nothing "in process" (and "make believe" until committed). Make sense?

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    • This is NOT the correct answer. You will NOT have to do any parsing of the form XML. You can very easily read a process data container and have all form fields (and values) available to you using very standard means. You will also not simply read the "processes" table passing over just the PERNR and process name. An employee could have had multiple entries for the same process (ie. bonus awards over many years) so this will do nothing for you except pass bad data. Again, there are other, correct ways to do this if needed.

      Not sure what is going on here (friends giving friends points?) but this answer is WAY off and not really what the OP asked.