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May 27, 2015 at 12:11 PM

BI Webservices are not working Consistently in the dasahbord


Hi Experts,

i have cretaed dashabord with BI webservices(webi blocks as source).i have cretaed multiple blocks and applied set filters at time of publsihing to BI webservices.i have used those webservices into Dashabord,im not getting any error but the dashabord behaviour is inconsistent.

to get more idea about this isseu,please see the example:

im passing the input values from dashabords are suppose:Region=A,Location=USA,State="ALASKA",the dashabord populating correct values with these filters but some times the data get wrong and showing total data(means its not taking any filters,so i was getting total data in dashaboard).

Note:im not using any prompts(query level filter in webi).im using only report filters.