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Data Persistence

Can i specify persistence location in MI client.

I want my data persistence to be on a central server.

Then to synchronize data from central server to R3.

client1 client2 client3

\ / /



Because data dependency exists between clients.

Can anybody throw light on this?

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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Jan 24, 2006 at 05:38 AM

    hello monalisa,

    MI puts the data on the same device which the client is

    installed. MI is for offline or disconnected scenarios.

    In your case, your client/s should be always connected

    to your data server.

    >Because data dependency exists between clients

    You can make all your clients share the same data

    and you can set filters as well in your BAPIs if

    necessary. this depends on your specific scenario.



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    Former Member
    Jan 24, 2006 at 06:13 AM


    For the data persistence needs of a mobile client applications, MI offers the Persistence API which is located in the*.

    Storage implementation for this concept is a black box for application - it is storage independant. The Persistence API let you store, change, delete and query data. The storage medium used and the technicality of its access is entirely transparent to users of the Persistence API. The MI uses 'bridges' - one for every storage type - to access the physical storage. The bridges dynamically create the necessary statements (for example, SQL-statements to access a JDBC databases) to access the data.

    The Persistence API can store data on databases as well as on the file system (that means via standard Java serialization). The currently activated storage type is detected automatically by the MI at runtime. Applications using the Persistence API therefore make best use of the current device features (that means storing on the database if it's there and doing without it, if it's not there).

    What ever you store in your client is physically stored in your R/3 System only. your client will have only instances of that data objects.

    Even if you use multiple clients, and if you have changed data from any client (say client2), when you do a sync on Client 1 during your next logon, delta-determination takes place. The data you updated from Client 2 gets reflected in Client 1 also.

    Hope this enlightened you! 😉



    PS: Don't forget my points if this helps.

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    • Former Member Monalisa Biswal

      hi Monalisa,

      > Thats why it has to be kept in a central server (not

      > R3)otherwise overload on each client will be more.

      Can you please elaborate more on this?