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May 27, 2015 at 04:54 AM

How to achieve fullscreen layout for a custom UI5 app launching within Fiori?


Hi Fiori and UI5 Gurus,

I've just successfully built a fullscreen UI5 application and tested it locally on my Tomcat server with custom ODATA services and it works great.

To make my application run in fullscreen mode I've used method setAppWidthLimited to false in my sap.m.Shell object.

I've uploaded my application into our Fiori launchpad and created a custom tile which works a treat.

The issue occurs when I launch the app from the Fiori Launchpad it becomes letterboxed and my sap.m.Shell object is not in the UI5 control tree. I'm wondering if there's some something in place preventing me from doing this.

Based on it would seem to me that building these sorts of apps to launch from Fiori would be acceptable.

I don't know if it helps but we are on UI5 version 1.26.1 and we are about to enter UAT so upgrading to the latest 1.28.x is not a viable option until after we go-live and start a new project phase.

Any ideas?