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May 26, 2015 at 11:21 PM

Parallel processing In MRP


Hello All,

My requirement is I am running MRP for storage locations, so I created scope of planning in OM0E and created variants for MRP batch job. and I created define parallel processioning for MRP where I given destination for parallel processing for MRP.(This all worked well in Development)

When I run batch job in development everything is good, system created PRs, When we transported all configuration to Quality and tried to run batch jobs system throwing error as Please check the destinations for parallel MRP, every environment RFC destination changes, Do I need to create new Destination for Parallel Processing in quality also? Why I am confused is Destination for Parallel Processing is not transactional data. system giving me a transport request every time when I save, So when we moved configuration from development to quality, the destinations for parallel processing which are specific to development also moved to quality system..what to do..i don't want to move this from one system to other(Because RFC destinations are different from D to Q) but I want this created, because I need to run batch jobs...

Please ignore if my question sounds silly,

Thanks In advance