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Former Member
May 26, 2015 at 03:22 PM

Personas 2.0: (IW21) tblSAPLIQS0TEXT only displays the last line of text, err?


Hi Personas 2.0 experts,

I am trying to run iw21, type ZT, then click "Text" icon to land to a screen where I can enter multiple lines of texts. The SAP control which will hold the text is /tblSAPLIS0TEXT/colTABLECOLUMN.

Issue: When I manually type text in the table, press Return key after each line. If I step back to the previous screen, I can see the multiple lines of texts inside the description field. However, if I record exact steps of type in texts into script and put them into a button. When I reenter thescreen with nothing in the table and press the script button. I expect the same multiple lines of texts are entered in the table.

The error is: only the last line of text is displayed and the rest of the lines above in the table are blank.

Is this a Personas error?