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Jan 23, 2006 at 10:55 PM

Central SLD and security



Could anyone give a link or document about configuring users in XIBoxes that talk with central SLD???

Right now, Only one system is talking to a standalone J2EE - Central SLD..if everything works fine, we are planning to map every other box to the central SLD..

We have some

1. Exceptions in RWB

2. Alert Configuration asks for a username, pwd - when i give xirwbuser or xisuper - doesnt open a page and throws 401 error page..I also tried Michaels weblogs...

So I am having doubts on the users to be created and roles to be assigned in XIboxes and central SLD...anyone with a clear idea or doc??/

Also all XI boxes talking to central SLD shld be in same SP?? and the service users password shld be same???

Any doc regarding this is greatly appreciated..