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Former Member
May 25, 2015 at 06:43 PM

Massive Projects and WBSe creation wrong PSPID and POSID


Hi I've implemented the following PS project number editing:


E72I1 -XXXX-00-0000-X-X-X

after a massive creation of some Projects and WBSs by LSMW Batch input I've checked the PROJ and PRPS entries and I've found some double entries related to the same Project and WBSe for example:

In PROJ I've found PROJ-PSPID: E72I1-Z001 related to PROJ-PSPNR: 00000019 and PROJ-PSPID: E72I1Z001000000 related to PROJ-PSPNR 00000078

I did not expect the creation of PROJ-PSPID: E72I1Z001000000 so for me it is a duplication.

In PRPS I've found PRPS-POSID: E72I1-Z001-01 related to PRPS-PSPHI 00000019 and PRPS-POSID: E72I1Z001010000 related to PRPS-PSPHI 00000078

Also in this case I dit not expect the creation of PRPS-POSID: E72I1Z001010000 and it is a duplication.

Anyone knows how can I solve this bug?

Thanks in advance