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May 25, 2015 at 05:25 PM

sap table locked / head lock


Dear Experts .

Recently we experience system hangs on our sap clients (teminal) due to database table lock for a long period of time .

Upon looking into the matter I see that there is presumably a select query that blocks other queries

e.g. :

when checking into spid 105 I see that database history has the following query as last run for this session id :

SELECT [OWTJ].[TimerEtyId],[OWTJ].[Status],[OWTJ].[JobHanConf],[OWTJ].[LastUpdate],[OWTJ].[StartDate],[OWTJ].[StartTime],[OWTJ].[JobHanType],[OWTJ].[Id],[OWTJ].[IsASync] FROM [Dyn2005]..[OWTJ] WHERE [OWTJ].[StartDate] IS NULL FOR BROWSE

if I kill session 105 (source host is the SAP sql Server ) everything works fine but of course sooner or later same problem occurs.

checking into OWTJ , I don't have any workflow set up for the company

any help is much appreciated.

Thank you ,