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May 25, 2015 at 01:43 PM

File Content Conversion - No Key Field in Detail Structure



Background - We are receiving a Flat File from an external system which contains Header, Detail and Trailer records. Detail Records are fixed length comma separated. See Sample data below -


MM8100422373,M631530008 ,1530008,031615,17

MN8100424411,M631530008 ,1530008,031615,22

XY8100422373,M631530008 ,1530008,031615,17


First line is the header (HDR - identifier) and the last line is trailer (TRL - identifier). As you can see there is no identifier for Detail records.

And so, it is throwing an error in the File Content Conversion of this file. Is there any way to implement the logic that if identifier is not equal to 'HDR' or 'TRL', it should be detail record?

Does anyone have idea on how to segregate the data into Header, Details and Trailer records? Is there any way to achieve this using java coding before message processing?