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May 24, 2015 at 03:31 PM

How to get the "Current Budget" figure at FMRP_RW_BUDCON updated after new derivation


Dear experts,

my client has recently created a new derivation concerning Funds Center (they decided to have several existing Funds Centers to point to a single grouping Funds Center).

Re-allignment process is therefore needed in order to have the past FM documents posted to the grouping Funds Center.

If i run the reconstruction process (FMN4N, FMN0 and FMAVCREINIT) I get the columns "Consumable Budget", "Consumed Budget" and "Available Amount" appearing the aggregated figures at the new Funds Center. However, the "Current Budget" figures are remaining on the original Funds Centers.

Note: I think I do not need to run the FMCN and FMCT because what we want to change are the FM documents, not the MM/FI documents.

Note2: we are not using the FMRP_RW_BUDCON itself, but a Z* transaction which is based on FMRP_RW_BUDCON.

Since the Original Budget is not at the grouping Funds Center, users cannot make any "reléase" of Budget in the new grouping Funds Center because there appear no Budget.

Any orientation will be more than welcome.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,