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May 24, 2015 at 08:52 AM

How much time used to establish the solution manager env for a new ERP implementation project



I'd like to know your number of consulting day used on Solution Manager for the first time.

As a BASIS guy in a consultant firm, we always deliver custom the latest - 1 version bits to customer. That means, we have to have solution manager up and running before installing ERP.

But we found that longer time need to complete our initial installation due to solution manager. We need to

1. Install Solution Manager (<1 day)

2. Upgrade Solution Manager using SUM (>3 days)

3. System Prep and Basic Configure (2~3 days, there are some "note implement" and sync stuff took much time)

4. Install ERP DEV. (<0.5 day)

5. Register DEV into SLD and do "Managed System Configure", Solution Configure, Mopz , just for upgrade xml and approval.

(depends on experience and version of SLM, could be 2 days to 2 weeks)

6. After installation of PRD, do again Managed System Configure for PRD, and configure EWA.
(depends on experience and version of SLM, could be 1~3 days)

OK, we usually took 2~3 weeks (or 10~15 man days) to deal with solution manager. Almost cost 30%~50% of total BASIS MDs for a new implementation project. Some PM even question us why BASIS spent 50 days (20-days overrun) in a new ECC implementation project (including P/Q/D/SLM installation , authorization (PFCG) config and adjustment, and handover)

I think Solution Manager really need a baby sitter, it's too complex, only for mid-large scale company.

Before convincing our PM and customer, I'd like to know other's number. If you have experience on that, please share your number.