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May 23, 2015 at 10:15 AM

Missing resources in PPDS PDS


Hi Experts,

We have some resources which are missing in APO as they were earlier marked as non-APO relevant in ECC. Now we need to schedule them in APO --so they are being marked as APO relevant in ECC.

I understand that resources need to be CIFed to APO and also PDS need to be integrated again as some of the the resources which were excluded earlier in the PDS --now need to be integrated.

As per my understanding the steps of integration will be --

1. Recreate and reactivate Resource CIF Integration Model.

2. Transfer all PDS again using CURTO_CREATE in ECC.

3. I think there is no need to recreate and reactivate PDS integration model.

Can you please help and verify above points and add if I am missing any point ? Will appreciate some help.