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Jan 23, 2006 at 03:24 PM

Cannot view SWF file on SAP EP 7.0


Hi Guys,

We would like to display an swf file

in the portal. When displaying this in the web browser(without portal)

it works without any problems.

I have uploaded both swf and xml(for the data) file to a KM folder. But when clicking on the swf or when creating a KM document iview I have a blank screen and nothing happens. I see when I right-click that he tries to launch the macromedia 8 player but nothing

visual is happening.

Does someone encountered the same problem? or knows a work around?

I have tried the same steps on EP 6.0 SP 10 and there it works fine(but tested on other client pc).

We have only the Java stack installed. Running on HP-UX(PA-RISC2.0WB11.11)

Oracle 64 bit server

SAP Jeecor 7.00 SP 4

Java runtime

Thanks in advance