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May 22, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Budget control at all levels


Dear All,

My coding mask is


According to my coding mask my project structure look like this

PRJ.DEF--------- DD-00-00

LEVEL 1 --------- DD-00-00

LEVEL 2 ---------- DD-00-00-00

LEVEL 3 -----------DD-00-00-00-00

LEVEL 4 -----------DD-00-00-00-00-XXX

LEVEL 5 -----------DD-00-00-00-00-XXX-XX

LEVEL 5------------DD-00-00-00-00-XXX-AB

LEVEL 5----------- DD-00-00-00-00-XXX-BC

LEVEL 5 -----------DD-00-00-00-00-XXX-DG

Where DD- Company code

00- year

00 - zone

00 - state

00 - area

xxx- activity head

xx- product

We have around 5 product

In cj30 i will give budget at product level (5th level) and i will total up

For eg: at 5th level i have given budget for three products

AB -100,

BC- 100

DG- 100 and total up this 300 moves to 4th level and 3rd and second and 1st level.

Now in cj32 i will be releasing the budget. Generally i use release budget at 5th level and i do total up and save it. At the time of creating PR/PO the budget control check use to work properly.

Now the issue is my clients want to have control at area level (3rd level) as well as 5th level, PR/PO can be created at 3rd or 5th level

If i release the budget at 3rd level at the time of creating PR/PO budget is controlling only at 3rd level but not at 5th level.

I also tried to release the budget at 3rd and 5th level but system is accepting only one level

so, my issue is i should be able to release the budget at 3rd and 5th level at a time.